webnames.co.zw offers online domain registration for $5 per year

Here is a service provider that some of you may have come across recently – webnames.co.zw. The company offers online domain registration with local domains for $5 per year.

It’s the same service as startup name.co.zw, offered with a domain verification facility. Both competing services provide a solution to the huge problem of offline domain registration, a crucial service that even Google is now involved in.

At $5, webnames.co.zw currently offers the cheapest price for registering a co.zw domain. However, this price only applies to people who register locally because the system links your IP address to the billing category.

webnames.co.zw has the option to try out other TLDs, which would be a plus for someone who likes that .consulting or .club domain.

Other webnames.co.zw products and features include domain transfer, web hosting (with different packages ranging from bronze to silver) and email hosting. All of this can be paid for online through integration with the Pay4App payment gateway.

With competitive pricing and key web services under one roof, it looks like webnames.co.zw is going to give the guys like name.co.zw a good run for their money.

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