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Dig deeper and the data is very interesting.

By comparing renewal rates with most registrations, you get a good idea of ​​the most important areas at Namecheap.

Namecheap domain name registrar today released its 2020 Domain Insights & Trends report (pdf).

With over 12 million domains under management, Namecheap has important data to show registration trends. However, the data is still skewed by price. But dig a little deeper and you can uncover the “real” story.

Start by looking at Namecheap’s most registered domain extensions in 2020:

1. Com
2. XYZ
3. Club
4. Location
5. Net
6. Information
7. Online
8. Organization
9. Live
10. ICU

Much like the data on nTLDStats, there are many very cheap domains in the top 10. This despite Namecheap excluding any Famous Four Media recording because they were offered at a very low price.

I did dig a bit deeper, though, and you can guess how pricing plays a role. Cheap domains usually renew at lower rates. Here are the domains with the ten lowest renewal rates at Namecheap (all below 20%):

1. ICU
2. Location
3. TP
4. High
5. XYZ
6. Club
7. Information
8. Fun
9. Website
10. Online
11. Pro
12. Mobi
13. Live
14. US
15. Space

If you take those domains out of the top 10, we’re left with… drum roll please… .Com, .Net, .Org. I bet that didn’t surprise you that much.

The highest renewal rates over the past year have been:

1. CA
2. OI
3. Organization
4. Developer
5. Link

It’s interesting to see .link on the list. .Com renewed at 58.97% at Namecheap. That’s well below Verisign’s mixed turnover rate in the 1970s, but renewal rates in the first year are much lower. Namecheap is a fast growing registrar, so many .com domains registered are newer registrations.

In fact, .com is gaining ground at Namecheap. It represented 37% of registrations in 2019 and 48% of all registrations in 2020.

Another interesting data point in the report is when Namecheap sees the most records. Verisign reports that the first quarter is its best quarter for registrations. But at Namecheap, August-November are the hottest months.

Finally, a word about the Namecheap clientele. Half of its clients have only one domain. Over 90% of its customers have ten or less. This is the sign of a healthy registrar that is not overly dependent on domain investors. In fact, only 0.5% of its customers have 100 or more domains, with the largest having 108,776 domains.

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