Trust Wallet expands support for .bnb domain name

SPACE ID launched the .bnb domain two weeks ago. In a short time, he announced one of the main integrations via a blog post. The domain name has integrated with Trust Wallet to receive its support, allowing users to change their names and send funds with the .bnb name on the wallet.

Trust Wallet plays an important role in the BNB chain ecosystem. The integration was marked as a major milestone for the Space ID community.

The features available to Trust Wallet users after the conclusion of the integration are as follows:-

  • Users can choose to level up from the traditional BNB channel address.
  • Users can set a custom registration for their domain name and enjoy an enhanced experience on the wallet, as well as many decentralized applications.
  • Non-fungible domain tokens will remain available to users, representing ownership of the domain name.

BNB domain names are portable within and between multiple applications. Users will have the continued benefit of displaying their personalized names and sending funds for life.

Trust Wallet has started allowing users to register for a .bnb domain name. The process begins by accessing the Trust Wallet app and tapping the dApp browser icon.

A link on Trust Wallet will redirect the user to the .bnb domain name registration page. It is important to note that users must have their wallets on the BNB channel with the required minimum BNB loaded during the registration process.

Space ID aims to connect people, applications and information through blockchains. Space ID plans to do this by creating a universal name service network. It is open-source, decentralized, chain-independent, and censorship-resistant in nature.

Trust Wallet is a noncustodial wallet that allows its users to store over 7 million crypto assets. This also includes storing non-fungible tokens in over 68 blockchains.

The wallet has a web3 browser built into the system, allowing users to purchase cryptocurrencies through the native decentralized exchange platform.

Binance acquired Trust Wallet in June 2018. Since then, the wallet service has supported a wide range of crypto transactions and staking of multiple crypto assets. To learn more about the other features of this wallet, visit our Trust Wallet review. The only fees charged by Trust Wallet to its users are gas fees.

The gas fee collected from users is transferred directly to validators or miners. Trust Wallet’s interface is easy to use. This helped the team to peak at a base of 5 million active users. Downloading the Trust Wallet mobile app is free. The security measures deployed by Trust Wallet are PIN scanning and fingerprint scanning.

After integrating with Trust Wallet, the .bnb domain name is looking to expand its integration with more partners.

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