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UIDomains takes a different approach to domain discovery.

The UIDomains Keyword Trending Report.

There are many domain name spinning tools that help you find domains to register. I recently became aware of one who takes a very different approach from others. examines trending keywords in registered .com domain names and combines them with the user’s keyword.

In the background, UIDomains examines all domains registered today and the word frequencies within the domains. It then keeps track of which words tend over time.

the Daily Domain Keyword Trends report shows what words are in buzz and how it has changed over time. The number in the blue box shows how many domains with the term have been registered in the last day.

Compare that to a traditional name spinner like LeanDomainSearch, which uses the most popular keywords across domains as a static list for name rotation.

Of course, trending words may not be suitable for your search term. Trump and Biden are all the rage today, but the terms don’t make sense for many domain registrations.

The service also offers a more traditional rotation by comparing your keyword to lists of common keywords, 4 to 5 letter words and other lists. This can be changed in the advanced settings.

UIDomains performs domain searches in two modes. Fast mode is extremely fast, but only 95% accurate. It’s frustrating: the names that appear to you as applicants for registration are the most likely to be false positives. Whenever I noticed a convincing name that showed it was available, it turned out that the domain was already taken. There is a slower mode which is more precise.

It should be noted that your searches and the resulting lists are public on the site. This shouldn’t be a big deal as you are likely to register good domains immediately. There is a premium option with additional features including privacy for your searches.

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