Take-Two website domain registration clues at Grand Theft Auto 6 location

Take-Two is taking active steps to prepare for the next step in Grand Theft Auto by registering an area that fans are excited about.

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Waiting for news about Grand Theft Auto 6 has been difficult for fans of the series. Rumors have been circulating for some time that GTA 6Perhaps Vice City’s location is, and it may have become even more likely.

There have been tons of leaks and rumors going around Grand Theft Auto 6, although many of these rumors indicate that the series is making a return to Vice City. Now the holding company of Grand Theft Auto franchise, Take-Two Interactive, registered an Internet domain called GTA Vice City Online.


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Long duration RGT the fans know City of vice as the fourth title in the general classification Grand Theft Auto series, although games have not returned to Vice City since the 2006 PSP release, Stories of vice-city. However, recent rumors surrounding GTA 6 indicate that Vice City is somehow involved in the game. While Rockstar and Take-Two remained silent on the radio Grand Theft Auto 6, it appears that a recent domain registered by Take-Two may indicate a return to Vice City.

The domain in question was found by a Reddit user by the name of cmputerguy and clearly states “GTA Vice City Online”. Naturally, many fans believe that the sixth entry in the series could take place in Vice City and incorporate online features such as Grand Theft Auto 5 made with Grand Theft Auto Online. Grand Theft Auto Online is still a massive success and continues to receive major content updates like the recent Super Yacht Summer Update.

Of course, the original GTA Vice City the game didn’t feature an online mode, so this area probably points to something new to say the least. GTA Vice City is well over a decade old, so it would theoretically be enough for the series to make a return to the iconic city with a new updated take on the overall aesthetic and design.

the Vice City map had secret areas and hidden gems that fans have taken years to discover and explore, which has helped make it a favorite setting for many fans of the series. Coming back to Vice City on next-gen hardware would be a treat.

Of course, it could just be Take-Two trying to acquire domains related to the Grand Theft Auto series. However, given the number of rumors that seem to surround Vice City, it wouldn’t be out of the picture for GTA 6 to make a return to the iconic map one way or another. Grand Theft Auto 6 the release date has not been revealed, but hopefully Rockstar is working hard on the next major installment in the series.

Grand Theft Auto 6 would be under development.

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