NNS launches TestNet .neo domain registration for user testing

NEO Name Service (NNS) recently announced the launch of its .neo domain name registration service on TestNet. Robbie Wang of NewEconoLabs posted a tutorial next to the announcement, which guides users through the process of registering a TestNet domain name.

NEO Name Service will allow users to purchase domain names with a .neo top-level domain (TLD). The names can then be used as aliases for public keys and smart contract addresses, to improve blockchain usability. Instead of a long and complicated string, users will be able to send funds to an easily recognizable name such as “banana.neo”.

A summary of the process is as follows:

  1. Use the Testnet website to create or connect to a wallet.
  2. Claim 10 free TestNet GAS from the homepage (once a day)
  3. Use the ‘SGas Exchange’ page to exchange TestNet GAS for the NEP-5 SGas token, tied at a 1:1 ratio
  4. Use the “Reload” function on the NNS (.neo) page to deposit SGas into the auction account
  5. Scroll down to the “Neo Name Auctions” section and enter a domain name to bid on
  6. The highest bidder at the end of the auction will win the domain name, which can be claimed on the “Domain Name Details” page.

After winning a domain name, users can use the “Domain Management” page to set up an address resolver, which will then allow them to use address mapping to translate the .neo domain to their public address. Domains are valid for one year and will need to be renewed annually.

Users are recommended to send feedback to the team if any issues are encountered during the process, as this is the last round of testing before the launch of the NNS MainNet. The launch of the MainNet is currently expected to take place in late August or early September.

The Sgas itself will not be bought or sold, but can be converted directly to or from the GAS on the NNS website once the MainNet is active. Alternatively, NNC holders will passively receive SGas in their auction account based on the amount of SGas used to bid on .neo domains. In a sense, NNC tokens represent a share in the company’s sale of rights to .neo domains, while SGas is used as an auction currency.

You can find more information about NewEconoLabs and NEO Name Service on the links below.

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