Namecheap Introduces Registry Lock and Other Security Options – Domain Name Wire

Domain Vault offers more security for domains, including an option for Verisign Registry Lock.

Domain name registrar Namecheap has launched Domain Vault, a new product to protect high-value domain names.

The Titanium version of the product uses Verisign Registry Lock for .com and .net domains. Registry Lock requires manual verification and authentication between trusted registrar employees and Verisign before changes are made to domains. This greatly reduces the risk of unauthorized transfers and name server changes.

A cheaper version of the service, called Domain Vault Silver, works with all top-level domains. A small team at Namecheap monitors all DNS changes made to domains with Silver and provides support to these domain owners.

Namecheap plans to offer registry locking from other registries in the future covering more top-level domains.

The Silver version costs $1.88 per month and Titanium costs $19.88 per month. This matches what other registrars charge for Registry Lock.

The product is designed for people with active websites, as opposed to domain investors, although investors with some high-value domains may consider using it.

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