Make your business stand out with a good domain name and website design

Your small business in Australia needs a professional website and address to gain visibility online. Internet users can identify your website with a distinctive domain name.

Likewise, with a high-quality website, they can learn more about your company, brand, and products. Over 97% of internet users do research online before deciding to purchase a particular product or service. This makes a website with a domain essential for a true web presence.

With multiple web design service providers, you can find cost-effective web design AU packages to suit your business needs. They have designers who can create your website on a website builder or a WordPress platform. By choosing an affordable web design plan, you can have a bundled domain name at a discounted price, which will help you save money.

A unique domain helps your potential customers locate and recognize your website among countless sites online. If you want to run an e-commerce store or launch a start-up in Australia, you need a website with a domain that appeals to local customers and markets in Australia. With a .au domain name, you get more local traffic to your website. This will help you increase your ranking on search engines.

When there are billions of websites online, getting the .AU domain at an affordable price is not easy. With many domain name service providers, acquiring the name of your choice with the .au domain extension is possible, but can be expensive. Here’s what you need to do to find a reliable domain registration and website design service.

  • Choose a distinctive but simple name

Focus on getting a name that’s short and simple, but unique because it’s memorable and pronounceable. These short names can be 5 to 6 letters. For example, you may have come across popular domain names such as “”, “”, “”, “”, “” and “”. .to’. These names are short and attractive and have become household names in Australia.

If it is not easy to find the availability of desired names, look for names derived from keyword combinations. Choosing keywords that are relevant to your industry, business, or product will help improve the website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Names derived from a combination of keywords increase the chances of finding them available. For example, you can find popular websites such as “” and “” designed using a combination of keywords.

  • Find the right TLD at an affordable price

Your website address to be identified by your local customers in Australia must have the correct country code top level domain extensions. For your online store in Australia, you can opt for the extension ‘.AU domain’. One way to get it cheap is to sign up for a longer period with a service provider that offers great discounts. With a new .au or .com domain registration, you can get a corresponding ‘.online’ extension for free.

Other .au domain variations include,,, .sydney or If you want to grow your business and expand to other countries, use the “.com” domain extension, which will be available at higher discounts.

  • Select an appropriate web design package

With a reliable web hosting service provider, you can have a range of website design packages, which include everything from website creation and domain name to web hosting. There are separate subscription plans for Web Builder and WordPress designs. The package includes page editor, free web pages, project coordinator and unlimited images.

Besides, you can also have stock photos, email forms, Google Maps, SSL certification, social media, and design review. Design professionals create a website on a Web Builder or WordPress platform based on your creative brief and send it out for feedback and review.

You can consider the points explained to find a provider who can offer you a perfect web designas well as a .au domain and accommodation, at an affordable price in one package.

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