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The cheapest option for .gg domains is to pass on an increase in the price of the registry.

Some domain investors have stepped up their investments in .gg domain names in recent years. .Gg has gained popularity through its use by esports (and now regular sports) groups as it is short for “good game”.

The domain is the country code for British Crown dependency on Guernsey. Associated with Jersey, they form the Channel Islands of the Channel off the French coast.

Many domain investors use Accommodation on the Channel Island to register .gg domains because of its low prices. It charges £ 29.95 a year for .gg, around $ 41 at today’s exchange rates. Compare that to what other registrars charge:

101Domain $ 129.99
Dynadot $ 59.99 (first year is cheaper)
GoDaddy $ 99.99
Ionos $ 80 (the first year is cheaper)
Nompas expensive $ 68.98

One of the reasons that Channel Island Hosting offers a lower price is that it pays a lower price to the registry because it is a local registrar. In response to questions from Domain Name Wire, a spokesperson wrote:

As a registrar based in the Channel Islands, we have received slightly lower cost prices to promote the growth and use of these particular TLDs, and as our business model operates on much lower standard price margins. compared to many of our competitors, we have been able to make extremely positive results. progress towards achieving this particular goal.

This is changing, however, apparently because other registrars have lobbied the registry. The registry will begin charging Channel Island Hosting higher fees for .gg (and .je) domains for international registrants. [Update: it turns out this isn’t entirely correct, see statement from registry below.]

From November 15th Channel Island Hosting will charge £ 39.95 per year for .gg and .je domains. That’s about $ 55 at today’s exchange rate. The company says its new .gg price is effectively “at cost” after its credit card charges.

That’s a huge leap for those managing large .gg wallets, even though it was already an expensive domain to carry around.

Channel Island Hosting is offering a renewal discount until November 15th. Customers can renew their domains for up to 9 years for £ 24.95. And from November 15 to December 5, it’s offering new .gg listings for £ 22.50 for up to 2 years.

Update October 30, 2021: After posting this story, the .gg registry contacted me to clarify their pricing and explain why Channel Island Hosting is changing their prices. He said there had been no increase in the price of the registry:

Registrars primarily engaged in registering names for local business / domain name registrants are eligible for a year-round discount, to promote the domain in the local community.

Non-local registrants are not eligible for the local discount, and never were. We recently reminded all registrars of this, causing one registrar to revise their retail price.

In short, GG domains remain available, as always, from all major international registrars and there is no price increase.

In addition, we regularly run promotions which are available to all registrars and recommend international registrants who have larger portfolios to take advantage of these promotions for new registrants.
registrations and renewals.

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