‘GTA 6’ release date, location: ‘gtaiv.com’ domain registration has fans hoping it will launch sooner than expected

Avid fans of Rockstar Games’ action-adventure game continue to find new reasons to believe that “GTA 6” will release sooner than expected. This time, players are pointing to registering a “gtaiv.com” domain.

‘GTA 6’ Release Date Rumors Reignite As Fans Discover ‘gtaiv.com’ Domain Registration

A Reddit user drew the attention of his fellow fans to a Who is A listing showing “gtaiv.com” and other similar domains have been registered for use by Take-Two Interactive. The registration dates date back to 2006, but were updated to different dates earlier this year.

As other fans have argued, it’s not strange for video game companies to register domains for titles even though they aren’t due out anytime soon. Considering that Rockstar and Take-Two didn’t reject the development and launch of “GTA 6”, domain registration might just be a preventative measure so they’ll be ready once they get it. need.

Unfortunately, this kind of information does not confirm anything about the state of development of “GTA 6”. It also doesn’t give a clearer indication of when the next game will be released. For example, most domain registrations have expiration dates in 2021. But gamers already know that “GTA 6” is very unlikely to launch next year as Rockstar will release the extended version of “GTA V” and “GTA Online” for the next-generation consoles.

‘GTA 6’ would take place in Vice City?

The list of registered domains, however, adds to the slew of rumors and supposed leaks claiming that ‘GTA 6’ will take place primarily in Vice City. Besides gtavi.com, Take-Two has also registered domains that tie the name of the upcoming game to Vice City, such as gtavi-vice-city.com, gtavi-ce-city.com, and gtavi-ce.com. These seem to play on the title of the next game and the name of the location. If Rockstar ended up using this pun, “GTA 6” could be stylized as “GTA VI”.

Earlier this month, another report surfaced online suggesting “GTA 6” is set in Vice City. Synthwave artists have reportedly been approached for the music rights that could be played on the game’s radio stations.

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