Google Domains: launch of a new domain registration service

google at announcement the launch of a new domain registration service. Called Google domainsit is released as an invite-only beta for new domain registrations and domain transfers.

While google itself does not offer any website builder tools, they have partnered with several website builders including Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify to provide comprehensive services for customers who purchase a domain.

One of the main selling points of Google Domains is that they don’t charge extra for private registration, which often costs as much as registering the domain itself with other registrars. Users with their domains registered through google Domains also get up to 100 custom email addresses and subdomains.

Domain registration is only $12 per year, which makes it slightly cheaper than GoDaddy’s rate, but with free domain privacy through Google Domains, it makes it significantly cheaper than GoDaddy’s $20.98. GoDaddy for registration and regular privacy of a .com domain name.

Users currently require a special invite code to purchase or transfer domains through Google Domains. Google said it hopes to make it “more widely available soon” and is using the first invite-only beta to troubleshoot any issues (e.g. customer support, services) that may arise.

Although this is Google’s first domain registration service offering, Google has actually been a domain registrar since 2005.

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