GoDaddy (finally) integrates Afternic into Domain Manager – Domain Name Wire

Beta users can list and manage domain names from the GoDaddy Domain Manager.

GoDaddy has integrated the Afternic SEO and management process into their domain manager.

It took a long time, but GoDaddy finally integrated Afternic listings into the domain manager more than four years after the registrar bought Afternic.

Domain Investors who grab the Unique Domain Rating System Token from NamesCon will have access to the new Beta Domain Manager which has the integration.

To begin the integration, users will enter their Afternic credentials to merge their Afternic account into GoDaddy. After that, all pricing and domain listings will take place from the GoDaddy website.

This means that GoDaddy Premium Listings is about to disappear. Premium Lists have been a bit redundant since GoDaddy acquired Afternic in 2013. But with GoDaddy’s 60-day lockdown and without full Afternic integration, Premium Lists have functioned as a stopgap.

The old way of listing domains on Afternic that had just been acquired from GoDaddy involved:

1. Log in and register on Afternic.
2. Domains that transferred ownership to GoDaddy are locked for 60 days, so the Afternic Fast Transfer integration is not yet live. Sign up for Premium Lists so that the domain is active for the 60 day window.
3. After 60 days, receive an email from GoDaddy asking you to sign up for Quick Transfer. Click and authentication required.

Now it will work like this:

1. Log in and list on GoDaddy.

That’s it. You will no longer have to click on a confirmation email. Domains will be added for sale on GoDaddy immediately and across the AfternicDLS network after 60 days.

There is an additional benefit for domain owners. Many have asked for landers for sale only, and Afternic is now offering them. Directly in the registration process, customers can choose to transfer the domain to an Afternic lander with an application form and Afternic phone number.

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