GMO offers blockchain domains to the Japanese market – Domain Name Wire

The company creates a standalone site to sell Unstoppable Domains blockchain domains.

GMO launched CryptoName to resell Unstoppable Domains alt-root domains.

GMO Internet Group, a large domain name company in Japan, has created a new site to promote blockchain domain names to its customers in Japan.

CryptoName by GMO is a partnership with Unstoppable Domains, one of the blockchain-based naming platforms.

Unstoppable Domains claims this is the first partnership with a traditional domain name registrar.

GMO sells the domains through a single site rather than through one of its regular registrar-branded sites. I know of three registrars that mix ICANN managed domains with alt-root blockchain domains. Namecheap and PorkBun sell Handshake second-level domains, and Encirca acts as an intermediary for companies wishing to register .eth Ethereum Name Service domains and some Handshake domains. (Listen to an interview with Encirca President Thomas Barrett here.)

I think GMO’s approach is smart. Blockchain domains are currently used for fundamentally different purposes than traditional domains (wallet addresses vs. websites). Suggesting them during a traditional registrar search, at least at this point, would likely be confusing. Additionally, there are unanswered questions about naming collisions between competing blockchain naming platforms and ultimately ICANN’s root. This could create problems in the future for traditional registrars selling blockchain domains.

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