Dot Hip Hop Withdraws Request After Reaching Goal – Domain Name Wire

The group says this prompted ICANN to act.

As Jeff Neumann commented last week, Dot Hip Hop has withdrawn its request for reconsideration of the assignment of Uniregistry’s .hiphop TLD to Dot Hip Hop (DHH). This is only the thirteenth withdrawal of a reconsideration request at ICANN since 1999. In its letter to the Accountability Mechanisms Committee of ICANN’s Board of Directors, DHH noted:

… We are doing this because we believe that no matter how uncomfortable this action was for DHH, the request served its original purpose. It is certainly an unfortunate undertaking, but we believe it was necessary to move the process forward and seems to have done well to open the channels of communication.

Following our formal withdrawal of the 21-3 reconsideration request, we expect DHH’s application for .hiphop assignment to be immediately back on track without the need for a “pause”. in the process, as stated in the ICANN document. December 22, 2021, letter to the DHP…

As a member of the team behind Dot Hip Hop, Neumann called ICANN’s decision to “suspend” the award process as retaliation against Dot Hip Hop for speaking out about the delay in processing award requests. . ICANN addressed this claim in a recent blog post.

The withdrawal letter, which was not posted Monday on ICANN’s RR 21-3 archive page, says the original purpose of the reconsideration request was to get ICANN to act on the .hiphop transfer app blocked. A look at the history of ICANN’s reconsideration process shows that the likelihood of success in protesting the actions or inactions of ICANN’s Board or staff is rare. ICANN has denied or denied the vast majority of the 178 reconsideration requests that were made.

However, a request for reconsideration can sometimes result in a refinement of the policy or an improvement in the process. In 2001, RR 01-5 led to a formal mechanism for Council designation of policies to the Internet Coordination Policy List. In 2018, RR 18-10 triggered additional process improvements regarding ICANN’s work with countries in the Amazon region as .amazon applications were considered. Or, as RR 21-3: Dot Hip Hop points out, filing a reconsideration request can draw attention to an issue while prompting ICANN org to provide an explanation if it doesn’t take more immediate action.

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