Branding: how to choose the perfect domain name

In 2022, having a strong online presence can be the difference between keeping your doors open or facing a decline in your business. Every business, from brick and mortar to e-commerce, services, advice and more, can be found online. The shift to prioritizing an online presence became particularly critical during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many South African businesses have had to temporarily close their doors and others have had to switch to a contactless way of doing business. The rise of online shopping and people spending more time on the internet has also called for businesses to be malleable, to connect and interact more with their customers through social media.

If you haven’t yet decided to take your small business or side hustle online, here’s why businesses of all sizes need a website:

  • Credibility
  • Reach more customers
  • Build your brand
  • Be accessible 24/7
  • Stay ahead of the competition

The first step to establishing a good online presence is to create a website. And the first thing you need to consider when getting a website is to register the best domain name for your business. If you’re stuck and don’t know how to find a good domain nameWe have what you need.

Here are 10 tips for choosing the best domain name for your business:

1. keep it simple

Keep your domain name short and easy to understand. Customers need to be able to type it into a search engine and do it right. Make remembering and spelling easier for customers.

2. Target a specific area

Geo-targeting is always a good idea if your business only operates in a certain location. Use geo-specific domain name extensions to emphasize that your business is available in that country or city.

3. Use keywords

Use industry-specific keywords in your domain name to indicate the industry in which you operate. For example, is more effective than Or you can opt for an industry-specific domain extension like a .photography or .tech extension.

4. Avoid single characters

Avoid unique or special characters when choosing a domain name. Keep your name as simple and easy to understand as possible so you don’t confuse your customers.

5. Consider scaling

If you know you’re looking to grow your business, also consider registering the .com extension, because once you take it global, you’ll need that domain extension. Consider registering your business name in all major domain extensions, so you always have it when it’s time to upgrade.

6. Be unique

Good domain names are eye-catching and customizable. Use a unique name that’s out of the ordinary, easy to remember, and distinctive enough for customers to recognize it’s your business.

7. Align with your brand

Your business domain name should match your brand and your vision for your business. The domain name should be unique enough to be branded and memorable.

8. Check if the domain is available

You need to check if the domain is available, and you can do that by performing a whois domain lookup. The results will let you know who owns the domain name and when the domain expires.

9. Make typing and memorization easier

Choose a domain name that is easy to remember. Customers should be able to remember your business name.

ten. Make it industry specific

You can also make your domain name industry-specific by using domain extensions such as .photography or .clothing to clearly indicate that you belong to a specific industry. Using these industry specific domain extensions will also help your website SEO.

If you follow the steps above, you will easily get a perfect domain name for your website. When you have selected the perfect domain name for your business, you can go ahead and create your website with our DIY website builder. And you can easily scale the website as your business grows.

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