Amazon embarks on domain registration

Companies wishing to register a new domain name have the choice between another provider: Amazon Web Services.

The company launched a domain registration service as part of its Route 53 domain management product which also provides DNS management and a service to check the health of a web application.

The prices offered by Amazon are competitive compared to other players in the domain registration space. It’s possible to buy a .com for $ 12 on Amazon, which would normally cost around $ 15 when purchased from GoDaddy. In addition, the service offers a variety of new top-level domains, such as .technology and .shoes for people looking for more exotic names.

Consumers may be a bit put off by the process of obtaining a domain because it requires the use of the AWS web console, but web developers who are already using AWS might find the new service to be a one-stop-shop. quality for all of their web service. Needs.

The news comes more than a month after Google announced it had entered the domain name business, with the aim of launching more small businesses with their own websites. Both measures have the potential to revolutionize the domain registration industry, which has not seen much interference from large Internet companies in recent years.

Amazon and Google have both established brands with a lot of consumer confidence, and they are entering a market with companies known to try to charge extra fees on customer invoices. That alone could be enough to threaten the status quo.

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